I’ve always heard that you should learn something new every day. Well, that’s what sewing does for me. Every time I sew a new pattern, try a new type of fabric, I learn something new. And I think its great!
When I first learned to sew I was about 7 or 8 years old. My mom taught me how to sew by hand, and one of the first things I can remember making  was a cat shaped pillow. I was so proud of myself. I keep that thing for years, I think I only got rid of it when I moved out at 23 (and I actually regret getting rid of it). 
When I was a bit older I started designing and sewing clothes for my Barbie’s.
It’s a picture of a picture.. lol I’m like 12 here, don’t judge me for ‘playing’ with Barbies. :p

 Later on she taught me to cross stitch and crochet, and an aunt taught me to knit, but through my teen years I mostly cross stitched and sewed (am I weird?). I got my first needle through my finger when I was around 21. In my later teens and 20s I got into photography and learnt to develop and print my own photos but that’s another story. I really got into photography at that point and sewed less and less.
By the time my first daughter was born when I was 32, I hadn’t sewn anything, besides the occasional mending, in probably 8-9 years. I made her some baby shoes and started working on a quilt (second needle in the finger!). Made her a couple skirts and then I made her and my niece their dresses for my wedding (hubby and I did things out of order). 
Me on the left, Silly Bean in the dress I made (she’s 18 months in the picture)
I made a few more things here and there, mostly self drafted. And none of them that great. Then last year when I was pregnant with daughter #2, I discovered PDF patterns, and Facebook groups for these designers and I was hooked. I made my baby a coming home outfit ( I didn’t know she was a girl but had a feeling she was, but either way I meant to make a boy outfit but never got around to it. Also when she was born the nurse asked my husband, mom and I to guess her weight and I got it spot on. I’m like a baby psychic or something.)
The greatest thing about these sewing groups on Facebook, I’ve gotten to know a few people, discovered some new designers and I’ve learned a lot more about sewing than I would have had I not gotten involved in the sewing community. Seeing other bloggers and designers and seamstresses share their sewing successes and failures online has helped me to grow so much. I don’t have anyone in my real life to talk about sewing with. When I made those baby shoes for Silly Bean when she was 4 months old, I almost gave up afterwards (baby shoes are tiny, maybe not the best first project to tackle after a long sewing absence). My hubby’s Auntie Sylvia, was just so encouraging, telling me how great I did, that I kept going. (I miss you terribly). (Side note: make sure you take pictures of your kids with the special people in your life, especially when they’re your child’s namesake) I think she would be so proud to see how much better I’ve gotten in the last three years. 
My first pattern test. Peek-a-boo’s Perfect Peasant Dress
My technique isn’t perfect yet (and I doubt it ever really well be), but I learn everyday. One day I want to try heirloom techniques and other advanced techniques but I’m happy going at the pace I am. And I’m happy to share my projects with everyone, even if they’re not perfect. Especially if they’re not perfect. I want someone new to sewing to not be afraid to share just because their stitches might be crooked or something. Sharing an imperfect project and making encouraging remarks when someone shares an imperfect project is not about celebrating mediocrity, its about celebrating a love for sewing. 
I sew because I like to create, because it keeps me sane, because I like to hear my daughter say “I want to wear my most favourite thing” as she grabs the fairy top I made her last year (back when it was a dress) with its most definitely imperfect stitching. I sew for my girls.
Why can’t they ever look in the same direction at the same time?

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