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One Thimble Tour: Blossom Flower Pincushion

One Thimble magazine has just released their latest issue (Issue 17) and it is jam packed full of fun patterns and helpful articles. In addition to over 10 patterns and tutorials, there are also articles on sewing techniques and on running a handmade business. But one of my favourite features in this issue is the Blossom Flower pincushion pattern!

They recently had a ‘Gifts to Sew’ contest where readers could design a pattern to use for gifts and the winners had their pattern included in the magazine. The overall winning pattern was the super sweet Blossom Flower pincushion. I cannot resist making pincushions (or making softies or working with felt for that matter), so I did not hesitate in signing up to sew up the pincushion for this tour. I did receive the pattern for free in exchange for this review and in the interest of full disclosure I also found out afterwards that I had won a copy of the magazine for free as well in a completely separate contest. My lucky day!

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You can purchase issue 17 here* Continue below to see the pics of my pretty flower pincushion!


blossom flower pincushion

The pincushion was a fairly quick sew. I never remember to actually time myself but I think if you take out all the distractions it was about 1 hour from cut to finish. It would have been even quicker if I had simply glued each ring of petals to the felt circle but I decided to handstitch them on for a nicer look.

I did actually add a little a bit of glue at the end to secure each ring of petals to the next so it wouldn’t flop when picked up. I could have also added a tiny stitch to secure the inner petals to the outer ones but the glue was better/quicker for this task. I didn’t use hot glue though as I don’t really like it on fabric projects.

The only issue I had is that it doesn’t really tell you how far from the edge of the bottom felt circle to attach the outer ring of petals and I preferred the look with them in a fairly tight circle and I wound up trimming the felt circle down slightly. I also decided to add a second felt circle, slightly larger than the first to finish the bottom off nicer and cover up the stitching on the first circle.


In addition to about 1/3 yard of quilting cotton or medium weight fabric, you will need:

  • wool felt: I purchase my wool-blend felt online from American Felt & Craft as I can’t find it locally
  • polyfil: either at your local craft/fabric store or online I ordered this from Amazon recently as I make lots of stuffies (it should last me awhile)
  • the usual thread and needle, scissors, etc
  • optional but helpful is glue: The pattern recommends hot glue but I don’t really like it (maybe I just haven’t mastered hot glue but I find it gets too thick and ugly on fabric) so I used this glue that I found locally.
  • and of course the pattern*!

blossom flower pincushion


The magazine sells for $25 AUD, and you can also purchase patterns individually as well. Join the Facebook group to share what you’ve made (and to get notified when there are sales and contests!).

Click the photo below to purchase!

One Thimble Issue 17 cover image

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Blossom Flower Pincushion pattern review. Pattern found in One Thimble magazine Issue 17

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  1. Can you please send me a link to where I can purchase this pin cushion pattern? I have followed 9 links so far to blogs but no pattern information. I hope you can help.

    1. It was linked in the blog post but it looks like the link went to an out of stock link, I will update it. It’s included in Issue 17 of One Thimble which you can find here: They only sell the patterns separately for a few months after the issue releases on their website at which point the designer sells it on their own site. I did a quick search for the designer (My China Doll) but can’t find a website for her, I found the Facebook page but it hasn’t been updated in a couple years. (It’s here though if you want it: ) Unfortunately, I think the only option at this time is to purchase the entire issue.

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