Pattern Test: Little Betty top by Sewpony

I tested a top pattern for Sewpony called the Little Betty top. It’s too cute. Right now there is a 20% off code for her Etsy shop. Just check the blog post.
oops forgot to button it up in the back for these pics

I have to say that I love love LOVE this top. It’s the most adorable top ever! I love the ruffles. The ruffles aren’t overpowering, they’re just perfect. They go all around to the back too. So cute!

It’s great pattern for beginners to try. I’ve only ever (successfully) sewn with knits like 4 times total prior to this top (see here, my other two projects were skirts sewn on my old machine and weren’t that great). You’ll need to make a placket for the button opening and sew on binding, the rest is fairly straightforward.
Did I mention she’s 5 months old now? Where did the time go??? Waah!
There isn’t much taping to do really, most of the pieces fit on one page. (Or at least they did for the 6m size, hmm..) The pattern comes in a size range of 6m to 8y. Baby V is modelling the 6m size. (And for the fun of it, I’m working on a second one in 4T for SillyBean.) No serger needed! You can do it all on a sewing machine, as long as you have a stretch stitch.
Sewing it up is fast and easy. Just make sure you’re not sleep deprived when you’re cutting out the pieces and sewing it or you’ll end up having to recut the bodice and some other pieces three times… Three times.. Make sure you put the fold edge of the pattern pieces actually along the fold.. That may or may not have happened to me. Okay, it did. Luckily I was using an old shirt of mine so I didn’t waste any purchased fabric. But still… For something that in the end was real easy and fast, I sure made things difficult for myself.
I love the cuffs too! And there is actually a wide waistband made of the same ribbing as the cuffs but you can’t really see it when she’s sitting up.
Ah, there ya go! Now you can see the waistband (and a little budda belly).
Anyway, I’m in love. My first tee!
*Just so we’re clear, the instructions are great and easy to understand. I was just having one of those weeks.*

One more pic for good measure.

I wonder what she’s looking at?

 Oh you can’t really see them that well in these pics, but she’s wearing the Metropolitain pants by Terra’s Treasures that I tested. Another great pattern btw! (And if you purchase the pattern you can see a little pic of Baby V in the tester photos!)

Pattern Test: Cowl Neck sweater by EYMM

I got to test another pattern for Kymy from EYMM (Everything Your Mama Made).

This time it was for a cowl neck sweater (affiliate).

  It’s really cute, and wasn’t hard to make, especially considering I haven’t sewn all that much with knits. The trickiest part was making the cowl, but she added extra pictures after we did the test so that step should be clearer in the tutorial now.

For this I repurposed an old men’s medium sized sweater that had a small hole in it. I used the bottom band of the sweater as the bottom band for this so I didn’t need to do any hemming (I adjusted how much I cut though to accommodate not needing to hem). The cowl is made with some new jersey knit that was leftover from another project, so this is another $0 project, yay!

My only concern with this was having a cowl neck on a baby since it could possibly shift and flip up over their faces but Kymy from EYMM includes directions on where to tack down the cowl to prevent that.

I think in all it took about 2 (uninterrupted) hours to make, probably will be faster for the next one since I know how to make the cowl now. 🙂

She’s starting to get the hang of all this modelling 🙂 
The pattern comes in two size bundles: children sizes NB to 18 tween, and women’s XS to 5X. Priced at just under $10 each size range, or you can get the bundle with both size ranges for under $17. Considering that there are many patterns out there with smaller size ranges priced more expensively than that, I think it’s a pretty good deal. It’s on my list of selfish sewing projects for after Christmas!

Find all of Kymy’s patterns here.

Pattern Test: Kenzie’s Party Dress by EYMM

Yesterday, as part of the Designer’s Challenge happening over at Pattern Revolution, Kymy from Everything Your Mama Made (EYMM) (affiliate) released her newest pattern, Kenzie’s Party Dress! I was super excited about this one when Kymy first posted the dress she made her daughter and announced that she’d be designing the pattern for it. (The main photo on the listing). Then when she announced the tester call I jumped at the chance to test for it! I was so excited when I was chosen to test the 3-6 month size.

Did I tell you that this pattern has a dress and skirt option? AND you can even do the signature skirt like above or you can do the simple skirt (which is a very full single layer). That’s four different looks in one pattern! 

The pattern also goes from newborn to 18 tween, so there is a big size range. EYMM sells it either as a bundle for the entire size range or in two size ranges (newborn to 4T or 5 to 18 tween).

Side view to show how full it is:

A little blurry but she’s just too cute!

The pattern is geared for intermediate level sewists. The dress version has buttonholes and a placket. The high-waisted signature skirt (like I did) is still somewhat difficult mainly due to the thickness of the layers when it’s gathered. Each layer is made of four flounces (somewhat crescent moon shaped) and there are three layers. 

And if you have a serger it’ll go a lot faster. I don’t have one and had to do narrow hems on each flounce so that took quite a bit of time.

The simple skirt would definitely be easier and a confident beginner should be able to tackle it.

I love also that it has a nice big bow:

I highly recommend this pattern, if you’re into sewing. It’s a great value especially with all the different options, and I definitely plan on making another one. Maybe not for baby, (sewing those small pieces can be tough), but for sure for her older sister. It would make a great holiday dress or flower girl dress.

Oh and be warned. It uses a LOT of fabric! 🙂

Here is the link again: Kenzie’s Party Dress

Happy Sewing!

Perfect Peasant Dress by Peek-A-Boo Patterns

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click the link and buy through it, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Last week, Amy, the designer behind Peek-a-Boo Patterns, put out a tester call to test out the revised Perfect Peasant Dress pattern. She added long sleeves! Which I love 🙂 Especially now that it’s starting to get pretty cold. (The last couple of days it’s been hovering around 5 C). I was lucky and got to test the 3-6 month size.

Baby V has a new dress!

The bright colours don’t quite go with the season, oh well, but she can make anything look cute! I wanted to use some of the fabric in my stash and these were the only really coordinating ones I had enough of.

The dress is great, really. It’s so easy to get on and off with elastic at the neckline and at the waist. The sash is removable but can be tacked on if you prefer. She also gives directions to make the flower on the dress. I put mine on a clip so that it can be removable (easier for washing) and so that it can be worn as a hairclip. …Not that she has enough hair for that, but big sis does!

Sorry for the blurry picture, Silly Bean wouldn’t stay still for the picture but wanted me to take pictures with her wearing it anyway. Sigh, silly kids.

I’d like to say that this dress didn’t cost me anything to make because I used fabric from my stash, but well, I did buy everything at some point. Except for the sash, I made that by cutting up an old skirt of mine.

Look Ma, I’m sitting up! (Ha! Not really, hubby is supporting her under the dress, she’s not quite 3 months old in these pictures).

This is a fairly easy pattern to do. The trickiest part of this was top stitching the elastic casing on the sleeves. But that’s really only because the sleeves are so tiny in this size. And it doesn’t take that long to do up either, if I could have had uninterrupted time to work on it, it probably would have taken me about 3 hours from start to finish. If you’ve already purchased the short sleeve version of this dress, you can get the update for free. The dress pattern can be found here.