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I was super excited when I came across the blog hop call over at Seams to be Sew. I could choose whatever I wanted to be nuts about. So much leeway. Perfect!

felt phone case

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There’s a giveaway involved in this blog hop, so fun! Read along to the end of the post in order to enter.

So of course, I chose felt. I love felt. But not just any felt, I can’t stand the stuff you find in dollar stores, (I won’t even buy it for my kids to play with, I just don’t like how it feels); the eco-fi felt is better (that’s what I give the kids to use), however, my favourite by far is the wool-blend felt.

I used to buy 9×12″ sheets from someone who would run group buys but she no longer does those, so when my stash ran low I searched high and low until I discovered Prairie Point Junction. You can buy felt from them by the yard or 12×18″ sheets. So much yumminess!

So I was going to dazzle you all with a fancy new felt phone case I sewed up but it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted so we’ll just say this is my first prototype.feltphone

I misplaced my Sulky water soluble stabilizer* and since I was sewing late at night and wasn’t sure how much time I had before the toddler woke up I used some non-soluble stuff I found. … Trying to get all those little bits of stabilizer out from under the embroidery was nigh on impossible. So, lesson learned, clean up the craft room and find that Sulky already.

It came out a little too wide, and next time I’ll do the embroidery in brighter colours as it is barely noticeable against the dark purple felt. Also, the embroidery design wound up being off center so next time I’ll embroider further away from the edge and then cut the felt to size. …

To fix the width on this one I’ll undo the stitching and then trim it down. But I’ll still work on making a new version, I’m thinking it needs some sort of lining so the phone doesn’t slide so much. The felt doesn’t provide much traction on the inside for the phone but overall, the thickness is good.

Below I’m sharing links to some of the tutorials I’ve done using felt but first I wanted to show you some of my favourite felt Christmas ornaments I made this past Christmas.

felt ornaments

The cupcake was from a pattern in the issue of One Thimble 9* by Molly and Mama; the Happy Bacon I designed (I know, it’s so silly); and the cute dinosaur is a pattern from Shiny Happy World. I sold some of the ornaments I had made at a craft fair in early December and then listed the leftovers in my Etsy shop. I was so sad when I sold the last dinosaur, it was soooo cute! I need to make one for me to keep next year.

Want to see more felt projects?

I blogged about some of the other projects I’ve made using felt in the past. You can see a few of them below. Some of them I’ve backed the item in felt, and others the project is felt front and back.

Quilted Heart Coasters (guest post for Wally and Grace):

Heart Coaster tutorial by Lulu & Celeste for Wally and Grace

Kitty Cat Hair Clip (guest post for Rebel & Malice):

Kitty Cat Hair Clip tutorial by Lulu & Celeste

Maple Leaf Mug Rug (my most popular free download on Craftsy):


and check my tutorials page to see more:

more felt tutorials


Up for grabs are prizes from and Fat Quarter Shop. Check out the post on Seams to be Sew’s blog here for more details on prizes. You can enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!
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86 thoughts on “Nuts About… FELT! + Giveaway

  1. All the felt projects are cute, but I love the little dinosaur. The only time I use felt is when I make wee people,and then I embroidery on the clothes. It is so easy to work with and relaxing. Enjoyed the visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for describing the difference between felts. Your projects are sweet, especially the cat hair clip. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love the felt ornaments. Thanks for the tip on where to purchase felt in bulk. We use quite a bit in Sunday School and in VBS for out projects.

  4. You are definitely the queen of felt! I love your ornaments. I like the phone case, and the little bit off-center really isn’t annoying because the leaves stretch away to the right. Not easy to tell it’s off-center. 100% wool felt is a dream to use!

  5. Cute projects! I haven’t worked with wool much and would like to do more. One of these days… Thanks for sharing!


  7. Off center is fine – sometimes its better to be off center (in more ways than one!) The phone case looks great. I like the heart coasters too.

  8. Your felt creations are great. I hate it when my prototype doesn’t come out how I want it but that’s what they are for, right? Still, it looks pretty darned good! thanks for giving us the link for the wool felt. I’ve never bought any but gonna try now. Sad to say I am only familiar with the cheap dollar store stuff…

  9. There are so many yummy colors of good quality felt now! I love this stuff, too. Thanks for sharing all your cute projects. I appreciated your showing one that didn’t come out like you hoped, because this always happens to me and I tend to think that I’m the only one :).

  10. I need a new phone case….looking forward to your “final” pattern. Thanks for showing the other felt projects, too!

  11. Wonderful felt projects! I too love wool felt (I make my own using thrift store wool skirts). thanks for sharing

  12. I have to say that until I worked with wool felt last December, I really thought of it as cheap fabric that one might use to back something with.. I also fell in love with the wool felt tho and plan to do more with it. I’ve seen some amazing projects done in wool felt and it does make me want to do more. What I didn’t like about it was being limited to the “sheets” I’m just not someone who likes to buy small amounts of stuff, even with fabric, I like to buy a yard over 1/2’s or fat quarters.. So I’m thrilled you found a source for yardage of it, even tho the wool felt seems to run a bit on the expensive side.

    I love that your creating your own pattern for the cell phone and I like the embroidery off center a bit.. Their is nothing wrong with that, and in a way, it’s a “nutty” idea, because we all seem to think everything always has to be centered.

    Thank you for sharing all of your other wonderful projects, I will get back here when the hop is over and check each of them out. I really am thrilled you joined us for Nuts About, and I hope we see more of you in future hops.

    1. Thank you so much for having me 🙂 It was fun getting to focus on whatever I wanted really. Wool felt is expensive but I find their prices are pretty reasonable compared to what I’ve seen on Etsy. And thanks! I’ve been reading the comments and so many people are saying the same thing about it being ok that the embroidery is off-centered, I feel better about it. 🙂

  13. It has been a long time since I worked with felt but seeing all the neat ideas you presented makes me want to try. Thanks for sharing

  14. I haven’t sewn too much with felt, but I do agree with you on the feel of cheap felt. It hurts my teeth…seriously, just the thought of it! I also love water-soluble stabilizer. Nothing like it, especially when it means you might have to pick out stabilizer without it.

  15. I, too, like using felt though I’m not nearly so nutty about it as YOU. Wonderful projects; that dinosaur is adorable.

  16. I like your projects! I’m inspired to make some maple leaf mug rugs. I like working with thrifted wool. I take apart garments that are 100% wool or a high percentage of wool and felt the wool. It results in lovely fabric and I find this cheaper than buying wool felt.

  17. love all your projects and the fact that you were honest to us about some miscalculations that you made!!!
    love all those small projects thanks for sharing-
    love and laughter, di

  18. I’ve never sewed with felt, but you creations look delightful. I’m inspired to try! And I love the embroidery on the purple case.

  19. I can see that you really love felt. I haven’t sewn much with it but seeing your projects make me think I might have to give it another try. My sister is crazy about cats but not enough to be a crazy cat lady. I think she would love a pin to wear and yours is a great inspiration. Thanks for joining the hop.

  20. I agree with you about wool felt–the feel of it is so pleasing. And besides that, I’m always a bit suspicious of what that other felt is made of, since it just feels so artificial and unnatural.

    I think your phone case looks good–it was clearly made by a real person, in the very best way. For me, that is a plus.

  21. I don’t do much with felt but I only have the stuff I find at Joann’s. I think I need to try your felt because your projects look like sew much fun.

    1. The stuff at Joann’s is probably the eco-fi. It’s not bad but the wool-felt is so much better as it’s denser as well as being softer. Thank you so much!

  22. That Apple leaf is really cute and I love that dinosaur too! I am glad you made some recommendations for felt as some of what I have found doesn’t look very nice to work with.

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