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Lulu & Celeste - Real Life Real Sewing

Sew 20‘s Real Life, Real Sewing blog tour challenged participants to show that we actually wear the things we make. None of the staged photos, just actual photos of us going about our daily life wearing handmade. Roxanne of PenSeb&Rox and Sew 20 sent tour participants some questions to answer for her #realliferealsewing tour.

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Real life 04
My favourite make of all time. The Princess Party dress by Mandy K Designs. Sized 6-12 months, I put her in this dress monthly until she was 18 months when the sleeves were finally too tight. Here she’s wearing it on her first birthday.

1. What do you look for when choosing a sewing project?

For awhile I went through a phase where I would buy all the fabric and I accumulated I huge stash in a short amount of time. I’ve been good though lately, I haven’t bought any new fabric in about 4 months and what I bought 4 months ago was oilcloth as I didn’t have any in my stash. Now (at least for the time being) before choosing a project, I first go through my stash and find some fabric that inspires me and then choose a project to go with it.
Lulu & Celeste - Real Life Real Sewing
This one may look posed but she was actually playing on the beach in Nova Scotia with my mum and her big sister. This is the only one where my mum’s bum isn’t in the pic, haha. She’s wearing a swim top I made the bottom was rtw. Pattern from Dandelions n Dungarees.

2.  Is there anything you would like to (or wish you could) do differently when selecting projects?

 I wish I planned ahead better. Sometimes I go through weeks where I don’t get any sewing time so by the time I start a project I had planned it’s too late in the season to have much use for it so I drop it and do another project. Like in April I’ll decide I need a new cardigan, I’ll choose my fabric, spend a few days searching my pattern stash for the perfect pattern, print it out and assemble it but by the time I get around to cutting fabric it’s end of May and it’s 30+ Celsius out.
Lulu & Celeste - Real Life Real Sewing
The Cozy Cakes backpack nearly broke my first sewing machine. She’s also wearing the Heidi and Finn coat I made.
Lulu & Celeste - Real Life Real Sewing
Here she’s wearing her Clementine dress by My Little Plumcake that I made to her big sister’s birthday!

3. What is your most used/worn sewing project? This either could be of all time or currently.

Currently it’s my Shwin Day Tripper pictured below. I wear it at least once a week. I love the fabric and it’s super comfy. I love dolmans, so my other most worn sewn item is my Golden Rippy Delilah. I don’t wear it as much anymore as it’s starting to wear out and get holes in the fabric but it still gets worn quite a bit as I don’t have a huge wardrobe (rtw or handmade, I need to go shopping/sewing). For Silly Bean her most worn item was her Secret Garden dress. She wore that dress weekly for over a year, she would have kept wearing it but I couldn’t get zip it up anymore. Miss V’s most worn item was her owl Otium top, 18 months later and I just put it in storage. It was slightly large for her when I made it and the sleeves have been too short for only the last two months. She loved the owls and would want to wear it as soon as it was clean again.

Lulu & Celeste - Real Life Real Sewing
I suppose a bathroom selfie is kind of staged but it doesn’t get more #realliferealsewing than a bathroom selfie at work (wearing my Shwin Day Tripper)

4. Do you have a project that you thought would be used/worn frequently but just did not end up working out?

A couple dresses I made Silly Bean I thought she would love but for some reason she didn’t and she never wore them. In those cases it’s because she didn’t like the fabric as much I had thought she would. I’m hoping that Miss V will like them when she gets bigger but she’s even more opinionated about what she wants to wear than Silly Bean was at her age so who knows.

Lulu & Celeste - Real Life Real Sewing
Wearing her Secret Garden dress for the umpteenth time.

5. What is your favorite tip or quote that applies to sewing for real life?

Hmm… well, my favourite tip is to press your seams as you go. It really does make a difference in your sewing and can help make your sewing go from looking ‘homemade’ to ‘handmade’ if that makes any sense. The only time people ask me if I made a piece of clothing is when it’s a fabric print that doesn’t seem too common. I’m just going to attribute that to good pressing, ha.

Lulu & Celeste - Real Life Real Sewing
I loved this dress too. The pattern is so well done, it’s the Lorelei dress by E-Beth Designs.
Lulu & Celeste - Real Life Real Sewing
Wedding photo booth photo from July 2015. Silly Bean is wearing a dress I made, unfortunately you can’t really see it just the bodice. It was so cute on her. I never blogged it and can’t remember the pattern name but the dress has a bubble skirt.

Do you have any examples of Real Life, Real Sewing to show off? You can play along by using the #realliferealsewing on social media.

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18 thoughts on “Real Life Real Sewing Blog Tour

  1. I am loving this #realiferealsewing blog tour. I thought only my girls were selective when it came to handmade clothing!

  2. I agree with you on the pressing seams! It really does make all the difference. I had to chuckle at your conclusion about why you get asked if you made something. I rarely get asked, so maybe that means I’m doing it right?? Lol! It’s nice to get noticed but only if they notice something good!

    1. Yes! I’m actually sometimes wary when people say “Did you make that?” I’m not sure if it’s good or not when they ask!

  3. I just love to see someone sewing for her whole family. It’s always something special when someone sews you a piece of clothing. I always treasured them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. When my daughter was young I made 80% of her clothing. I sewed everyday practically. It was so easy to buy remnants and make her clothing. Quick and easy. She was delighted to wear the things I made up into her preteens. I worked out my children’s clothing designs using my niece and nephews as my testers. Eventually I went on to design and sew children’s clothing for a business.

    1. That’s awesome! Do you have a website or place where you’ve shared pics of what you’ve made? I’d love to see them!

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