Shibori Indigo Dye Week: Shibori Clutch

I’ve been wanting to try Shibori dyeing techniques for awhile now and when I saw that Stephanie was hosting a tour dedicated to just that I had to jump in and take part.

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I had actually purchased a book that I was going to review as part of my post but then I just decided to keep things simple and use some basic Shibori folding techniques that I had found on various blogs. (The book I had bought is this one*, I’ll review it another time because I had so much fun I want to try this again!)

The only problem I ran into was that I couldn’t find a Shibori dye kit locally and none that would ship to Canada that didn’t have huge shipping fees. So on the advice of another blog (that I now can’t find the link to) I used Dylon blue jeans dye. I found some locally but it can also be found on Amazon*.

I followed the directions for the Dylon dye but since I didn’t have a whole lot of fabric to dye I only used half the package. It’s pretty simple, dissolve the dye in a small amount of water then add to a bucket with more water that had salt mixed into it. Clean up was easy too. As long as you wipe any spills asap nothing was stained. Once the fabric has been dyed, you rinse it cold water and then wash in warm water (I used the washer). Then I left it to hang dry overnight.

I dyed two different fabrics. For my clutch I used a fat quarter sized white cotton twill that I folded into squares and then wrapped in cord (pic below). Next time I’ll get more elastics as it probably would have hugged the fabric better and also I’m not sure I did the folding properly as I had a lot of white areas. I also used some jar tops that were headed to the recycling bin as my flat items to hug the fabric with.

I forgot to get a photo of the fabric before I cut into it but here is my finished clutch:

The clutch is from a pattern I came up with that I shared the first version of a while ago on Instagram.

I left off the bottom piece and squared off the corners on this one. Eventually I’ll scan the curve piece and digitize it to share on the blog. Hopefully I’ll get around to that before the end of the summer!

A peek at the lining (fabric for the lining is from Fabricville.)

And a peek at my new labels that I ordered from Jennifer’s Jewels! Eventually I’ll change my logo over to match too.

The other fabric I used was unbleached muslin. Not sure what to make with them, maybe pillows?

Next time around I’m going to work on my folding technique as I had lots of areas that didn’t get much dye. Or maybe I need to leave the fabric in longer (I left it about 15-20 minutes). The fabric on the right I had folded into squares like the fabric for the clutch, and the fabric on the left was folded into a square and then the corners were wrapped.

Shibori Indigo Dye Week!

Monday 7/24

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Wednesday 7/26

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Thursday 7/27

Maryanna at Marvelous Auntie M – Shibori Bag

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Friday 7/28

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2 thoughts on “Shibori Indigo Dye Week: Shibori Clutch

  1. I think this turned out beautiful! I do think it had more to do with the wrapping method; I definitely didn’t leave my fabric in that long 😀 Can’t wait till you get the clutch pattern up!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Yeah I’ll try again and be more careful when I’m wrapping, I probably did an extra fold inwards or something. The downfalls of doing things late at night.. I always miss something! It was fun and the Dylon dye was so easy to clean up so I’ll definitely be doing this again. My oldest keeps pestering me to do some tiedye with her too. So there will be more!

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