Tooth Fairy Costume with Mandy K Designs

Tooth fairy costume sewn by Lulu & Celeste

I love Mandy K Designs. I’ve tested a lot in the past for Mandy K Designs. I had to cut back a lot on testing once Baby V became Miss V and dropped to one nap a day. Check out more pictures of what I made, and follow along to the end to grab the coupon code!

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Pattern test: Tiers of Joy dress by Mandy K Designs

I don’t have any pattern tests due this week, so I’m playing a little catch up. 🙂
This sweet pattern comes from Mandy K Designs. She is a newer designer, so that’s always fun! It’s the Tiers of Joy dress and tunic which I did in the dress length but with the simple skirt. We were having a little bit of a difficult time adjusting the time change so I decided to go for the quicker version. The tiered version is even sweeter I will have to post the link to one of the other tester’s versions when she shares it on her blog, it’s SO beautiful!
(ETA: Here is the tiered version I was talking about: Sprouting JubeJube’s Tiers of Joy version)
Poor Baby V was not having a good morning. The photo shoot started out ok.

but quickly degenerated into this… 🙁

Poor pouty baby, I’m sorry I laugh at your cute poutiness! (Is it bad that I possibly made up a word that makes me think of poutine?mmm poutine)

I love the ties, they are so cute!

The instructions are SO super thorough! Great for beginners 🙂

Oh, and of all the dresses I’ve made Baby V recently, this was my mom’s fave! Grammy loves sweet and simple dresses.
A la prochaine!